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This page is undergoing MAJOR reconstruction. Mileena has had some problems with the page, so I am taking it over. Hee hee hee. I will have totally new and updated picture, animation, and sound galleries. Along with an updated link list, and a series guilde for all Sailor Moon episodes that were aired in Japan.

This page is best viewed with Netscape 3.0 and WORST viewed with the AOL browser. I mean it is bad bad bad!! It totally ruins the best page ever dedicated to me, Rei! *snorts* Humph, well they better get their act together and fast!!
News Flash!! Sailor Moon will be airing in June! But only the stations that want her to. To get more information, head to SOS HQ from the link below.
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is offically over! Click here to go to Toto's page for tons of pages full of screen captures from all the Sailor Moon series.
Places to go:

The Unseen Senshi {Only funny for Lunar: Eternal Blue fans and Final Fantasy III}

Rei's Sailor Moon Profiles Page

Rei's Sailor Moon Misc. Picture Gallery

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