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Note: Talon wasn't in the Movie "Heavy Metal"

I'm celebrating the VIDEO RELEASE !
They finally released it this summer,
15 YEARS since it's debut in 1981 !

Here's the album cover, with various images from the movie: Heavy Metal Album Cover [80K .JPG]

More "HEAVY METAL" Stuff

SONY has the Complete Credits List,
behind the scenes info, & more.

SONY also has Music and Video clips here!

Here's a Large (75K) Image of DEN

Here's a Huge (114K) Pic of the VIDEO display box

Sound clips, a film clip and more at the Pinup Mall
This site may not be suitable for children

LINKS to "Heavy Metal" Reviews

Info from the Detroit News

CyberPod: OnVideo: VidNews:

Film.com: review/synopsis

Usenet News: Laser at Last

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