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This page has been encountered humanoids since March, 29th, 1998.

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Welcome to my little but very significant space on this vast tangle of servers, clients, and intranets we call the World Wide Web. First and foremost I want to personally thank you for taking the time out to stop here for a while and read my page. I urge you to make yourself comfortable in any way you see fit. From this point on you would be able to take a look into parts of my personal life, connect to high quality and informative sites, and hopefully find stuff that sparks your interest. So please begin by browsing through my pages. Things you can find on my pages are listed below:


If you take a look at the top of this page you will see an image map. This is the main navigation tool for this page. Each image in the map links to other pages and sites. Also there is an alternative link below each image. If your browser does not support frames then you would not see the image map and you will have to use the text links. Here is a short description of what you will find if you follow the image map links or the alternative text links.


If you click on this icon in the image map you will return to my main page; this page.


This link icon leads to my personal information page. On this page I have links to my favorite movies, hobbies, and music amongst other things. Probably the most important thing on this page is my RESUME. Check it out. {:O)


Click here or on the guestbook image to sign my guestbook. My guestbook is a very important part of my page. It gives me feedback on how many people visit my page and how my page compares with other pages. I would really appreciate it if you sign my guestbook. Just click and sign.


I am really into visual and graphic art. You will find some of my art work on this page. I will try and update this page regularly as I progress in my artistic talent. If you are going to copy or link to any images from here, but I would appreciate it if you do not, please email me first. Click on the gallery image in the image map and enjoy. Also email me your comments about my art. I am open to criticisim.


I entitled this link hot stuff because I have stuff like applications, plug-ins, VRML, and other interesting links on this page. The more interesting things I find on the internet the more this page would expand.


Under this image link I have a collection of other links to sites that I find interesting. I hope you also find them interesting. If you find any other interesting sites you can email them to me and I will add them to my links page after evaluating the sites. Or you can go to the links page and submit the links.


Here is kind of where I dump all the other stuff that has no real relation to my site. My personal Chat room, Awards, and Web Rings are sites of interest under this link. It's kind of like the closet of my web page where I keep all my skeletons. {:O)


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