A single key opens the portal to everything.

who dares to tread the path?

"Appreciating the value of different view points is a way of gaining insight."
- Georgene Collins

I have created this place as a doorway to the universe of the Aerie...a mind at a glance so to speak.


*AristoCat My very own Dragon Cats!

*Skull Happy Halloween!
*Shuttle Heros Shuttle Hero's

*We Remember 9-11-2001 Tribute

*CalvinLavender Fairy's Easel.

*Black CatUnabbashed, Lococat.

*Bell FlowersA loving Good bye to a special friend.

*pendant Snapshots are the sprites that echo time.

*butterflyDead Poets Cafe - Now for a peek at what poetry is about and some cool places to go.

*reddrag Cool Links to other sites on the Web

*bleaudragMore poetry.

*brass DragonA warning to all lovers.

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*WARNING - These pages graphic intensive - Please be Patient

*Blue Ribbon CampaignGreat connections to the Online Movement.

*If you like the poem on the front door, please click here Flamy for more of the same.

*Thank You - CREDITS, the caretaker and artists that support this fetish in this strange corner of the net.

*Paradox`s Vanity page. - nuff said!

*DragonMikhala's Vanity page. The changling child who grew into her wings.

*Messages dropped into the dust of the wind.

*dogbirdknotBiography Page.The face behind the Masque.

*DSA tribute to my friend and collaborator...DarkSoul.

*musicMusical lyrics of infinite meaning.

*BookDragonMy online Grimoire of books for sale.

*midiThe JukeBox.

*Adopted DragonMy Adpoted Dragon!

*vampire batTa'Rient, Paradox

*Old World SantaMy Seasonal offering.

*Draco1 Auld Lange Syne to begin a Happy New Year!

*Something I had fun with, using Yahoo!'s cool web builders. (NOTE: ALL other "Dragon Aerie" pages coded by hand!)


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"May your death bring you the peace you never found in life." - Tuvok, Vulcan Death Prayer
Paradox` - Keeper of the Aerie