Updated Character Reviews 5/11/99

Greetings, human.

victims have fallen under a "sinister" persuasion.

Greetings... you have stumbled into the domain of Mr. Sinister. Sorry, running will do you no good whatsoever, you are stuck for a while, please try to enjoy yourself. This page is devoted to the overpower card game, and I have included a few devious little things like deck ideas, links to other overpower pages, want/have lists, surveys, news & rumors, and satirical outlook on our favorite ccg.

For those who would dare to converse with Mr. Sinister via Email, just select my portrait.

I am in absolutely no way involved with Marvel, Fleer, Overpower, Family Circus or anything else I may have mentioned/offended in this site. Very, very many cute little animals were harmed in the making of this page some of which WERE baby harbor seals, A German Shepherd, A Cybil Shepherd, A north American Bison, A funny smelling chihuahua, Humpback Whales,The cast of The Nanny, A mountain Gorilla, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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