The Drinking Games Page

This page is devouted to the 'Drinking Game'. To my knowledge, this originated in the Anime community, and I've borrowed it for some other tv shows, etc. There probably are other drinking games out there that I don't know about, so if I find any good ones, they'll be linked in here.

The Aim : To get really drunk.
The Means : Watch one of the shows below, and take a drink everytime the list tells you to.

Anime Drinking Games

The KOR Drinking Game (Orange Road)
Sailor Moon [COMING SOON]

TV Shows Drinking Games

The X-Files Drinking Game [COMING SOON]
The Simpsons Drinking Game [COMING SOON]
Star Trek : Deep Space Nine [COMING SOON]
Star Trek : Voyager [COMING SOON]

Comic Drinking Games (The only way to get pissed while reading comics)

Groo the Wanderer [COMING SOON]

Computer Science Drinking Games (This is for all my friends in CSCI 205) [grin]

The CSCI205 Drinking Game

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