So, you're feeling really game? Wanting to check out who I'm friends with. This may prove to be a mistake you'll regret. For some of these individuals are the cream of the crop, and the others ... well, they're human, we can prove that :)

Please NOTE : Some of the fields have been filled in by myself, and do not necessarily reflect the views of these people.

Luke Mason

KnicknamesThe Lazy One, StoneMan, 7-11 Boy, Monkey boy
DOB13 - 07 - 76
Favourite Anime Tenchi Muyo - Ryo-Ohki
Fav Anime Character - MaleJusty Ueki Tylor (Irresponsible Captain)
Fav Anime Character - FemaleRyouko (Tenchi)
I wish I wasLike Kuno imagines he is
Home PageUoW Anime Club

Simon Fitzgerald

KnicknamesPerryn, Chip
Favourite MovieDances with Wolves
Favourite BookAny fantasy with a vague storyline
Favourite MUDNone, Heath keeps getting us purged
Favourite FoodChoclate
Favourite DrinkMilk ; )
Favourite Alcoholic DrinkVodka and Orange
I wish I wasawake
Home Page-=[NONE]=-

Heath Hansell

Favourite MovieID4
Favourite Book'Shadow Rising' - Wheel of Time book 4
Favourite MUDWhichever one he's on
Favourite FoodLasagne
Favourite DrinkCoke
Favourite Alcoholic DrinkBlack Sambucca
I wish I was3 cms behind JJ's butt whilst she's wearing a short skirt
Home Page-=[NONE]=-

Ben Vickers

Favourite Movie The 100 greatest crashes at the Bathurst 1000
Favourite BookTrading Post
Favourite SubjectHe loves 'em all...I swear he does. ;)
Average Speed in CarUnknown as no instrument can register speeds in excess of light speed
I wish I wasa car
Home PageHe's got one, but I can't remember the address, but I'll find it...really, I promise.

Kim Luu

Favourite Anime DNA^2 and Ah! Megami Sama
Favourite BookWheel of time? I dunno
Favourite SubjectHe prolly _would_ like 'em all ; )
I wish I wasA Gundam Pilot (or a Mega-Playboy ^_^)
Home PageUoW Anime Club

Tom Spence

KnicknamesBlondie, Sexy, Jaimz, Geez
Favourite Movie THE DIY Hair Dying Show
Favourite BookWhat are these things called books?
Favourite MUDWhatever he's on
I wish I wasa Supermodel
Home PageHe had one, but he's lost it...can't find it...or it got hijacked

Norm Colless

KnicknamesStormin' Norman
Favourite Movie Rambo
Favourite BookWhat are these things called books?
Favourite ModelElle
Average speed in Car100 km/h
Abode: Turn left at Albacurky and then 100 miles past hell
I wish I wasa multi-billionaire on a spree of destruction
Home Page-=[NONE]=-

Mike Southan

KnicknamesSheep Blower, The Hairy One
Favourite Movie Amazon Women on the Moon
Favourite BookThe DIY Computer Makers Guide book
Favourite ModelTanya (his girlfriend)
Average speed on Bike500 km/h (he wishes, with his bike, more like 5 km/h)
Abode:The fair reaches of another galaxy (thank god)
I wish I wasTanya's love slave...oh wait, I already am...DOH!
Home Page-=[COMING SOON]=-

Lee Horsington

KnicknamesHrm, can't think of a single one
DOB30 - 12 - 76
Favourite Movie Last of the Mohekians
Favourite BookAny Anne McCaffery books
Current OccupationScience Centre Girl
Average speed on Bike20 - 30 kn/h (I dunno how fast a bicycle goes [smile])
Abode:Really kewl mobile home type place
I wish I wasRICH RICH RICH RICH RICH,and have a really successful career
Home Page-=[NONE]=-

Heidi Brown

Favourite Movie How to dominate men
Favourite BookRat trainers guide to Killer Rats
Favourite OccupationAnything...just gimme a job :)
Average amount of things wrong5 - 6 injuries, plus any sicknesses
Abode:Where there are rats, there am I
I wish I wasSeductress to the Stars ... NOT!
Home Page-=[NONE]=-

JJ (Judith)

KnicknamesJJ (Hey, it is her knickname)
Favourite Movie Enslaving men - A practical guide
Favourite BookHow to drive recklessly - An advanced guide
Favourite OccupationReceiver of money
Average speed on Bike500 km/h (scary, but probably true)
Abode:Where there is Heath, there am I
I wish I wasrich, rich, and finally rich
Home Page-=[UNKNOWN]=-


Knicknames'linka Blinka Stinka (anything that rhymes really) :)
Favourite Movie World Domination in 5 easy steps
Favourite BookMatt - The Users Manual
Favourite ModelAny Male Model ;) (I'm a dead man for that)
Abode:The computer labs at Uni
I wish I wasnot really, really old ;) (I am so dead for this)
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