The Happy Fluffy Bunny Page

This is a new page, and I'm experimenting with many things, so I will ask you to bear with me as I play and do stuff.

Also, this is only the working title of the page, not the true thing. It is my experiment page, nothing more. I would like to state unconditionally my denial that I am stating any political message, or that I am claiming that all Bunny's are happy or fluffy.

To be expected in the future

An Anime Page (maybe some fanfics)
Drinking Games Page
A Discworld Page (based on the novels by Terry Pratchett)
A Groo worship Page (Come Rufferto, we were born to wander)
Other things of which have not been thought of

I am the member of an ANIME CLUB. Go and look at the site.

God, I HATE EXAMS. Currently, I am doing exams, and I have decided that exams suck, they were created by the Devil to plague and hound mankind into a shallow grave, and they are probably giving me ulchers at a young age.

[insert rabid mumbling and frothing at the mouth]

About Steve

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My God, have lost their Sanity here. May God have mercy on their souls.