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01.You can't possibly even think about promotion right now
02.You are extremely far away from promotion, but making progress
03.You are still making progress, but you are very far from promotion
04.You are still far from promotion, but you are getting closer 
05.You are making some progress, but are still far from promotion
06.You are almost half of the way to promotion, so don't stop now.
07.You seem to be about half of the way to promotion.
08.You are a little more than half of the way to promotion.
09.You are kind of close to promotion, but not yet.
10.You are getting closer to promotion, just not yet.
11.You are getting pretty close to promotion, so keep going.
12.You are getting very close to promotion, don't give up yet.
13.You are getting extremely close to promotion, but not just yet.
14.You are almost ready for promotion, just a little further to go. 



Voices whisper all around as if the winds were alive. They whisper
stories of heroic valor by the brave and the bold. At the end of the
recital, one name seems to stand out above all names. One name is
elevated on high. One name is given special honor to enter into a
special fellowship.

The winds move and stir, finally resounding clearly, <player> is now an anointed Lord.


The earth rumbles, chasing away the voices of the wind. Crumbling and
rumbling, it speaks of inner growth, power and wisdom. The land quakes,
and the tremors split the earth wide open to swallow <player>. A scream of pain
and delight is heard throughout the land. Suddenly there is silence and
<player> claws back to the surface wielding a greater power.

The land rumbles back into place. <player> is now an anointed Baron.


Waves crash, drowning out the power of the earth. Water washes over you
from all around, clearing all in its path. A giant wave then
chooses <player> to drag underneath its powerful currents. You are
frightened as waves assault <player> with unrelenting fury, tearing off
living flesh only to replace it with living tissue from the mighty
leviathans of the deep. <player> crawls from the depth of the unknown,
refreshed and renewed.

The water recedes back into the ocean. <player> is now an anointed Viscount.


Flames of the solar wind burn dry the seas and stretch across the
lands, incinerating the unworthy in their destructive path. The solar
flames catch <player>, burning all until only the truth remains. It judges
<player> and finds <player> worthy of its blessing. The flames call forth a
mighty meteor and infuses it with the new-found truth. <player> steps out of
the flame, burning with power.

The solar flame returns to the heavens. <player> is now an anointed Earl.


The light of the flames are extinguished by the darkness of the night.
It calls forth those who are worthy of its audience. <player> approaches and
is enveloped by darkness. You hear screams of muffled horror. Then
darkness turns to light as <player> conquers and absorbs the darkness.
<player> speaks and the darkness escapes leaving behind all of its power.

The darkness fades into the unknown. <player> now wields the power of a Marquess.


Light from the skies rends the power of darkness and sends forth the
least of its creatures. It flies to earth searching for the darkness
with unrelenting pursuit. From a distance, it spots <player> standing in open
defiance. The creature draws out a great sword of the ancients and
attacks <player>. A spectrum of light explodes as <player> defeats the creature.
Seeing that <player> is worthy, the light infuses <player> with its light and great power.

The light extinguishes itself. Duke <player> now roams the land.


The planets come into alignment and time stands still for a moment as the
Imperial Moon transforms into a mighty Unicorn and descends upon the land.
It seeks out and measures the worth of noble <player>. For a moment, time seems to
stand still. Then in an instant, the Unicorn snorts and breathes blue flame
upon <player>, melting away the weak, feeble flesh to reveal the power hidden
beneath it.

<player> is still for a moment, then bows before the mighty Unicorn. It snorts
and ascends to the sky, returning to its heavenly form.

Grand Duke <player> stands tall, glowing with mystic powers.


A single streak of lightning hits the ground, followed by another nearby.
Still more bolts shoot from the heavens until the entire sky seems filled
with sparks.  Only the aura of <player> seems immune, an unchanging sphere
attracting and repelling the lightning.  Soon, the bolts and following
thunder seem to be solely directed at <player>, yet <player> remains calm.  In one
fantastic moment, all of the sky's energies seem directed at once upon this
aura, trying once more to extinguish its impervious calm.  <player> stands with
arms outstretched, both accepting the power of the skies and banishing its
fury.  All is suddenly very quiet, the thunder rumbling away into memory.

<player> has fulfilled destiny and become a Prince


The Beast once more roams the land, taking life wantonly and spreading
disease and infection to all it touches.  Not a thing of evil or good, it
simply stalks the earth seeking flesh and lifesource.  Most seem unaware of
its form, but all are aware of the Beast's presence.  Only <player> has come
forward to face its destructive rampage, seeing its true nature and having
the power to overcome its terrifying path.  An epic battle rages, one of
sacrifice and heart, as <player> battles the Beast on land and sea, in the
heavens and in the mind. Weapons are of no use, but the raw power of <player>
shows its full strength as <player> pushes the battle onward into the realm of
spirit. None else dares interrupt the struggle, as it is known this is
combat <player> must face alone.

<player> emerges, weary but triumphant, from the battleground and stands before
all of Imperial, the cheers of its inhabitants declaring the arrival of the
new King.


An immense shadow darkens the sky, turning day into night.  A surge of wind
uproots trees and churns the waves of the sea.  A deafening scream is heard
and the very air seems to burn as a jet of flame streaks across the horizon.
The unmistakable outline of a dragon is illuminated in this moment, its
immense body filling the sky.  It circles the world, its hard black eyes
searching for the One.  The ground shakes violently, signalling the Dragon
God's landing, and the winds begin to die.  The seeking eyes come to rest on
one mortal soul, whose unwavering stance defies the insignificance of his
stature.  <player> walks forward, in step with destiny.  A gout of flame
shoots forth from the Dragon's mouth, but it makes no move to stop <player>'s
approach.  The dragon reaches down with a razor claw and draws a clean cut
from his own underbelly, washing <player> in the bloodsource of Dragons.  <player>,
awash in fiery blood, rears back and unleashes a scream that
turns into the gutteral bellow of a dragon.
The Dragon God looks upon <player> with approval and lifts into the skies,
leaving the world with one of His own to rule as Emperor.

You hear the distant sound of trumpets, as they hail the new Emperor, <player> !


This is a leveling system for the rank 10 Emperor. There are now levels
of Emperor that give special bonuses to the character. Gaining levels
grant additional damroll, hitroll, hit point regen, mana regen and armor
class bonus depending on the level. Each level will not grant new amounts
of all of the bonuses at once, they are spread out among the levels. Your
level of emperor will be shown in details. A table below gives the order
of the various titles.

Level 1 Emperors do not gain any bonuses at all, it is the starting level
of emperor and is treated as such.

level 1:     the Apprentice/the Apprentice
level 2:     the Page/the Page
level 3:     the Squire/the Squire
level 4:     the Errant/the Errant
level 5:     the Constable/the Constable
level 6:     the Knight/the Knight
level 7:     the Commander/the Commander
level 8:     the Marshal/the Marshal
level 9:     the Warden/the Warden
level 10:    the Governor/the Governor
level 11:    the Advisor/the Advisor
level 12:    the Steward/the Steward
level 13:    the Chamberlain/the Lady Chamberlain
level 14:    the Overlord/the Overlord
level 15:    the Magistrate/the Magistrate
level 16:    the Justiciar/the Justiciar
level 17:    the Chancellor/the Chancellor
level 18:    the Master/the Mistress
level 19:    the Dignitary/the Dignitary
level 20:    the Vizier/the Vizier
level 21:    the Viceroy/the Viceroy
level 22:    the Arbiter of Justice/the Arbitress of Justice
level 23:    the Grand Vizier/the Grand Vizier
level 24:    the Grand Emperor/the Grand Empress
level 25:    the Grand Master Emperor/the Grand Mistress Empress