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A bit of reconstruction is going on. 

Moved most of the class items from blob and put them into their 
corresponding class file. A few items may have gone into the wrong 
class since I'm guessing a bit about some of the items use. 

A bit unsure if I should proceed with plans or make zip files. The
general file will be BIG if I preserve the separators etc.

Last updated 7th May 2005.

Equipment blob 268KB

General Equipment 6KB (Will replace blob eventually.)

All-Classes 544KB (All below)

Equipment lists for:

Warrior 44KB
  • Paladin 34KB
  • Ranger 43KB
  • Avenger 54KB Thief 25KB
  • Bard 21KB
  • Assassin 17KB
  • Rogue 27KB Cleric 29KB
  • Healer 17KB
  • Druid 36KB
  • Inquisitor 22KB Mage 27KB
  • Enchanter 19KB
  • Conjurer 20KB
  • Necromancer 38KB Cleric-Mage 31KB Cleric-Warrior 19KB Thief-Warrior 17KB
  • Mage-Thief 13KB