Well I listen to all kinds of music as you will see
Enya-New Age/Pop Goddess
Clannad-Enya's former group, New Age, Pretty good
*Nysnc-Oh come on, doesn't everybody love them
Backstreet Boys-Been in love with them forever
B4-4 - A new group from Canada, twins and Ohad..they are yummy
S Club 7- They are too cute I'm sorry, I love pop happy music
Sheryl Crow-Great..enough said
Britney Spears-Pop Goddess
Christina Aguilera-Fun, makes you wanna get moving
O-Town - Ashley, if you ever go gay, gimme a call :P
Boyzone-I love listening to them
Bryan White- I have such a crush on him, hope the rumors are true
JoDee Messina-Her last two cd's rock, Burn baby burn!
Faith Hill-Beautiful, face and voice
Destiny's Child-The band that plays musical chairs with their members..Love them anyway!
Eminem-He's cute, and has some descent music
Dido-Just discovered her..love her

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