Personal Information
Name: Rex Garretson
Born: September 14, 1977
Home: Leakesville,Mississippi
Height: 5'7.5
Weight: 185
Hair: Strawberry Blonde with blonde highlights
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair white skin

Well let me see what I can say about myself. I grew up in the small town of Leakesville, MS. I attended school here, and graduated from Greene County High School with honors. I then went up to Mississippi State University for 3 semesters and left with a low GPA. This is also around the time when I finally came out, which had alot to do with why I didn't do that well at MSU. Anyway, I came home for a few months then moved up to Norfolk, VA with my Aunt Lisa. I spent about 3 months up there, and was being trained as a manager at Pizza Hut. Well my Aunt got pregnant and we had to come back home. I then started work at Peavey, where I worked for a few horrible months. This is also about the time my online friend Lance came into my life. But he's a totally different story. Well I then moved to Macon, GA and worked as a Supervisor at Kroger for around 14 months. I made alot of good friends, all of which I adore, and better came to know myself. Well Kroger ticked me off, and I left and came back to MS. Mid-April I am supposed to be moving up to the Twin Cities in Minnisota. Hopefully I can finish college up there and get my affairs in order, and maybe meet somebody. And I cannot forget to mention my PsudoWife Edna who's been there for me ever since I came out, she's been my best friend for years now and I don't know what I would do without her. I love you Edna!

The Manhunt
Ok, here is a small list of what I'm looking for in a guy I'm gonna date. Don't get offended by what I write, I am simply putting down what I like.
I like everybody, but I an not attracted to african americans. I have gone out with a few before, but I dunno it's just not for me.
I have friends of all sizes, but I find I'm only attracted to slim/athletic types. I know it's shallow, and I'm still chubby myself for now, but I am just not attracted physically to overweight guys, It just takes some effort to lose that weight guys.
Any hair or eye color is cool with me, although I must say I'm in love with green eyes for some reason! Oh, and a full head of hair, and body hair amount..light to smooth, I'm not into the bear type.
Age range. Well I'm only into guys around my age. 16-30(Yeah I know 16 is a lil young, but I've know alot of 16 year old guys that are very much BF material)
Tattoos and Piercings: It's like fudge, they are great in small amounts. A small tat or two here or there is wonderful, it adds alot to a guy, but tats everywhere just make your body too busy. As for piercings, tongue and ears are ok, anymore and I feel like I'm dating a cyborg :P
I'm also a hopeless romantic. Which means I'm into dating *gasps* Yeah I know, unheard of in the gay community! Long walks, laying in the grass at night with your partner and looking up at the stars, picnics in the park, flowers for no reason, a lil note here or there to say I love you, candlelight dinners, bathing together :P, cudding in bed or during a movie, traveling together, you get the picture I'm sure. This also means that you aren't gonna get into my pants on the first date, yeah I know, maverick thought these days isn't it. I feel that if the person thinks you are worth it, they'll come back for more than just sex, they'll come back because they truly like you, and not just screwing you.
I'm into all kinds of things, take that any way you want it.
Religious wise, I love to explore all things. Right now I'm studying green magic. This doesn't mean I don't believe in GOD. I do, and I know he's the reason I'm here. I just believe that the bible has been changed by man for man's own ends, and it has gone far from what it is supposed to be.
I love computers, movies, reading, I'm a scifi/fantasy buff, I love to use my imagination, I love the outdoors, hiking, that sorta thing.
Oh..big thing here. I am into butch to neutral acting guys, I am turned off by femme acting guys. They are great fun, but it's not for me.
Anyway, I'm sure there is more, but ya have to meet me to find it out, or ask me. Blessed Be.

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