I watch all kinds of shows on every network.
Queer As Folk-A pretty good show on Showtime
Will and Grace-I love Karen..she rules!
Farscape-A good sci-fi show
La Femme Nikita-She rules, sorry to see the show go!
Undressed-MTV's constantly changing soap opera..always cute people!
DragonBall Z-I know I'm an adult, but I can't help it, I love those kinds of cartoons, Go Goku!
Sailor Moon-Ok..it's like the silliest show ever made, but it's so sweet :P
Tenchi-It's just entertaning, I'm gonna name a cat Ryo Oki
OutLaw Star-Nice space anime, short, but nice.
Gundam Wing-Love it!
Beast Wars/Machines-I grew up with the original transformers, these are much better
Andramda-Another excellent Sci-Fi by Gene Roddenberry
Earth:Final Conflict-Another great Gene Roddenberry
Xena-She kicks ass, Period

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