The Current Development Plan of the Next Generation Internet Initiative

The current NGI development plan extends through the year 2002.

1999 A high performance testbed should be finished, consisting of OC-3 connections over an OC-12 infrastructure. Current plans also include research by Federal, academic, and industrial partnerships using the testbed.

2000 An ultrahigh performance testbed with OC-48 connections should be completed and ready for the testing of models for things like management tools and NGI protocols, as well as high value applications such as those including remote or real time connections.

2001 There are plans for networking and applications research on the 1000x testbed. The plan also includes integration of QoS ("Quality of Service", a guarantee of a certain throughput value) over several different technologies and carriers.

2002 The Initiative plans to be able to demonstrate terabit-per-second packet switching and test 10+ applications using the ultrahigh performance testbed.

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