Hamoki's Page of Links to Other Stuff on the Net

Click here to become an intern like Monika

Learn about Toronto's subways and buses

Chat with nerds about Star Trek and have net-sex

Flyguy's Pimp of the Year Poem: My Bitch Better Have My Money

More sounds from I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

Hard Boiled: The greatest action film of all time

Dave's Classics. This is a great page for arcade game emulators as well as some game systems. Best of all its got tons of roms.

Click here to download lots of emulators

Check out Men's 4m's TV and VIDEO GAMES page for more links to roms and emulators

Play the greatest video game of all time on your PC.. the Bubble Game! aka Bust-a-move/puzzle bobble

Princess Diana Crash Pics

Lady Di Jokes


The Dcon Homepage

Go straight to dcon and meet some freaks

CyberManhatten, another talker

CarRanger. A sentai show in Japan

It's Alpha and Rita too!
It's Barney!
A bunch of telnet talkers

Sledge Hammer


Knight Rider
The Dukes of Hazzard
Official Jackie Chan page
The Tick

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