Doug Tanoury

acetylene snow
fall makes your memory touch
me in odd places

The Martian sunset
In Winter paints my insides
With violet red light

Sleeping deity
Farts comets that bring life
To empty worlds.

I watched the wind wisping
Sulfur dunes on Io--
Her blonde hair blowing

My feelings free
Floating in a vacuum--
Untethered from her

The periwinkle
Light of a blue dwarf--
Tints our nakedness

I see her standing
In a hatchway wearing just
A yellow apron

Making love in zero
Gravity we are equal
With no one on top

The spacesuit hides her
body but I imagine
Her movements graceful

She floats into the
Cabin and balances with
One fragile finger

Orbiting Saturn
We listen to Strauss and start
To dance a waltz

She crossed her legs, leaned
Back, tilting her head slightly
To one side and smiled

When she spoke, her voice
Carried more than mere words, each
Expression a poem

Speaking to me in
Easy manner, she has touched
An alien world

Her mouth sucks all of
The air from my lungs and leaves
Me breathless again

Weightless we swim like
Copulating fish, eagles
Mating in mid-air

After sex, body
Fluids float like dust clouds, the
Nebula of love

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