Purkinje cells and Halloween pumpkins

a poem by Epsi (E.Paramasivan)

mind and matter
the oft-repeated dichotomy
by philosophers and scientists
get now fused in one--
called " brain".
the plank of that
nucleus of nucleus
was thrown from the Heavens.
in the essence of the
de-oxy-ribo-nucleic acid
through the billions of years
the printed-circuit-board
was born...whose glorified
name is Brain.
man is just a brain-ware junk.
all his soft-ware and hard-ware
achievements have some
chordless connections
of a distant galactic soldering-kit.
man is toyed with an idea.
man is the means and not the end.
as the means..to another man
not to be merely
sieved through the millions
of "eggs and tubes" to thrive out...
but to figure out "a new man".
he is not to be dissected
just into some cerebrum or cerebellum
to simulate an artificial intelligence.
..not to peel out the
sanctum santorum of
his biological cyber-plasm
that plays in a language of existence.
..not to soil those
Purkinje cells of some
eighty thousand synaptic endings
of wonderful neural junctions,
where a rendezvous happened
between adam eve and apple..
..and not to sub-serve
the demon of proliferation of
a pre-datory instinct
that makes profit from anything,
by killing anything.
an unconscious animation
prompted from the cerebellum
is staging a whole drama from cerebrum.
when you are not aware of
your own millions and millions of neurons
you are caught by your own
ghost-images of illusion.
of all the fears...
fear of knowledge is the worst.
fear not to know!
fear not to probe to know!
fear not to explore to know!
fear not to live a life..
life is knowledge.
throw fear.
it is just the Halloween Pumpkins.
the purkinje cells and
the halloween pumpkins
is to be evolved out a man
from a whimsical reality
to a virtual reality.

Poem by Epsi 03/17/97

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