a garden of concepts.

by Epsi, 10/30/96

those leaves of that tree
in which the fruit is forbidden
to be eaten------
are rustling in calm..
adam and eve
still are not adhesive
with labels of
a man and a woman...
and still they are not branded
for consumption
either for sensual or for sensuous
flavour of emotions.
one fine morning they take
a furious bite of the fruit.
that is the first pass-word
to throw into them
making wide-open
'a brave new world.'
from "a-old-grave-yard"...
where a King-dom of a deadly silence
wraps all like a dome.
this corpus of "flora and fauna"...
with the bonded binary of
'god and non-god things'
now wings out an empirical light
from the cocoon of frozen scriptures
of rigid words and holy phrases.
the algorithm of love and hate--
the language of body and flesh---
and other seasons with graphics
of smiles and tears
spill out myriad seeds
of epistemic tastes
from tha fruit of understanding.
Oh! Man....Oh! woman....
fear not! look up the mountain..
the avalanche had stopped
with a grinding halt.
you got a coin..
and you know every coin had two sides.
God and satan..
good and evil..
light and darkness..
lived and yet to live..
known and yet to know..
the dichotomy is tiresome and tumbling.
but go on with the game.
you toss to a head or tail.
head or tail..what is it in a name?
it is not the coin..
but...your life.
the garden of eden is but a medium.
it is the dark-membrane
that is permeable only
by your beaming light of knowledge.
it is not the oasis
in your desert of the non-thinking
looming of mind..
it is a garden of fences
with unseen barbed-wires
for some beans and berries,
along with a dotted line of temptations.
But you reap the harvest
of qustions from that temptations.
"Adam,Eve and Eden"....
this trinary-junk is yet to be decoded,
to answer a hanging Question.
the man-made god triggers off
a cycle of imaginations.
an animated god
from the source unknown
commands one day
that this "Universe to be born"....
and thus-----
god has
created man who in turn...
created god who in turn...
created man who in turn...
the infinite clicks and counter-clicks
of billions and billions of "mouses"
still browsing the face of God
is piling up the pixels on the screen
from the man's face.
the tug of that tug-of-war
is an invisible umbilical cord
with discrete and missing links
adam and eve,and a fruit.
a man,a woman,a tree with a fruit
a snake, a satan
and the comprehension of all
these scenes of'Genesis'
are mere concepts.
chipping a slice from 'satan'
we can see a 'negative'
of all instincts and imbued
imbrogilo of our impulses,
for a photo-print
which are developed in a
Holy silver-nitrate-plate
--you call it God to make
a positive version!
you are all the animated icons
in this cyber-garden of eden.
feel at your finger-tips,
that 'master-clicker' of the mouse.
What is that particle?
let us call it 'nutrino'...
particle-physicists say
this is the 'proto-dust'
for all the beautiful creations.
let adams feel it 'evetrino'
according to the 'genetic' gospel.
what is the use?....
in lamenting to re-open or
to re-play that garden-scene
putting tons of words emulsified
in sensation and trapped
in the woods of vacuous meanings
lipo-stuffed with too much
of flesh in vocabulary...
what is the use?
conceive your mind
through your mind..
mind your mind of your mind
by your mind.
the mind matters its own matter
but not off the mind.
these are all concepts
including the Garden of Eden.

a poem by Epsi. 10/30/96

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