Jellybaby is employed with a small school system in Georgia. She loves cats, her Shih- Tzu, computers, Star Trek (any of them), Dr. Who, Babylon V, Highlander, Ray Bradbury, mud between the toes, The X-Files, Bach, Beethoven, poetry, writing, drawing, and playing the piano. A former elementary school music teacher, she received her Master of Music Education degree from the University of Georgia in 1977. Further studies at West Georgia College led to certification in the education of the gifted. She has twice received top honors as one of Georgia's most innovative teachers in the use of technology (selected by the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology). She spends part of her time teaching students and part of her time teaching teachers. Some of her gifted eighth-grade students help to maintain "Jellybaby's Anthology". She served two years as a member of the Microsoft Education Speakers' Bureau.(lots of work, but free software!) She also proudly reports that her students were first, second, or third place winners in the International Student Media Festival (AECT) for eight years in the computer-generated media category, as well as semifinalists (twice) in the scenario writing component of the International Future Problem Solving Program. They also won second place (twice!) in the Community Problem Solving component of the same program. Jellybaby was once chosen as the Georgia FPSP Rookie Coach of the Year! Jellybaby is a Teacher Consultant for the Southwest Georgia Writing Project, an affiliate of the National Writing Project. This program seeks to improve the skills of teachers of writing and foster a love of writing in students. For more information on the Southwest Georgia Writing Project, contact Georgia Southwestern State University (Jellybaby's under- graduate alma mater!) The cyber-kitties below represent Jellybaby's real- life cats and snuggle-bunnies. To adopt a cyber-kitty of your own, click on one of the cats!

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