Links, Links, Links....

 Well, as we're galloping headlong into the meta-information age, it's more or less mandatory to have some links on your page somewhere... and who am I to argue? And perhaps some of these will actually be new to you, and open up new areas of the web! Or they could be annoying and redundant. You make the call!

I'll try to update this page whenever I find new and interesting links. So check back every now and then, why don't you?

Sci-Fi Links

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 -- If you aren't checking out this page after each Babylon 5 episode, you're missing out. Excellent episode analyses, plus comments from JMS himself, culled from newsgroups, AOL, etc. Plus lots of other good stuff, Bab5 links, etc. If you like Bab5, do yourself a favor and visit this page!

Psi Phi's Deep Space Nine Page -- A nice DS9 page. All kinds of information is available here -- a nice rumor page, Tim Lynch's excellent reviews, and more.

Utopia Planitia Fleetyards - Opening Page  -- a Trek page all about StarFleet ships. Perhaps the coolest interface of any website I"ve seen -- a working version of the TNG/Ds9/Voyager type computer interface. Impressive.

Feminist Science Fiction Guide -- Looking for a good read? Want some feminist SF? Look here!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy links -- if you loved the books, the radio series, and the tv series, maybe you'll love some of these sites!

Music Links

Fairy Tales -- An excellent page for Tori Amos fans. It's Tor-iffic! (I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.) However, don't try this page if your browser isn't up-to-date -- it makes heavy use of pretty much every bell and whistle there is.

Another Tori Page

The Ultimate Band List -- wnat to know something about a band? Check here first! Want to find new bands? What the hey, look here too!

Progressive Rock Home Page -- like progressive rock? Then maybe check this out....

Broadside Electric -- Folk Music with Teeth! Sex, murder, incest, guitar, fiddle, and more Chapman stick than you can shake, well, a stick at!

Pink Floyd Links

Sony's official Floyd page

Pink Floyd ROIO Database -- looking for a ... hard-to-find... Floyd recording? Don't know which ones are good, which ones sound like Edison's first telephone experiments? Check with the database!

breathe. -- An impressive, comprehensive Floyd fan page, with news, links, and anything else you might reasonably need.

Fun Links

Pythonline -- a website created by the actual members of the best sketch comedy troupe in the history of humankind.

The Onion -- Madison's own weekly humor magazine. Often funny, sometimes hysterical, occasionally merely offensive.

Dustin's Days of Our Lives  Page -- daily summaries, rumors, comings and goings, Days links -- you want it, Dustin's got it. Also a link to Dustin's Another World page (but I've stopped watching that show).

The Late Show with David Letterman -- 'nuff said. -- a very nice fan site

Warner Bros. Animation -- VERY heavy on the graphics, but a good page nonetheless, done by WB themselves. Some nice animated .gif's, too.

Informational Links

The Marx/Engels Internet Archive -- Sick and tired of the corporate takeover of the net, but don't feel you have the theoretical groundwork for a truly shattering critique of it? Well, surf on over here and read the text of Marx & Engel's classic works. Then go smash the state! It's fun! And it's good for you!

Celebrity Atheist List Home Page -- Want to know who's who among the unbelievers? Look here! It's a carefully updated list, so people's status may change as they make public statements which either make clear or cast doubt on their lack of belief.

Ain't it cool news -- the latest hush-hush scuttlebutt about movies in the hollywood pipeline that ths studios don't want you to hear. Also covers the latest TV news.

Internet Movie Database Search -- need to know what other movies Alan Smithee directed? Want to see more movies starring Bruce Campbell? Well, the IMDb has evrything there is to know about anything on celluloid, and lots on video, too. Easily searchible, with all kinds of goodies. This is what the Internet must have been invented for.

And, of course, there's Yahoo, which you can link to, or search, from here. 


That's it for now. Watch this space for more links!

last updated: March 22, 1998