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As always, as new Trek episodes run, people all across the globe take to their keyboards to analyze each show down to a quantum level. Well, fair enough. This little corner of cyberspace is my place for doing just that. (No one ever said free speech was going to be pretty.) Although I love the show deeply, I won't be reviewing Bab5 episodes -- there's rarely much to nit-pick about, which is half (at least) of the fun of doing these things, plus there's plenty of intelligent discourse about them on the moderated Bab5 newsgroup, and at the Lurker's Guide .

All of these reviews were also posted to the newsgroup, a place where you can find lots of people's reviews, not just mine.

The reviews here begin with the beginning of last year's episodes -- season 3 for Voyager, 5 for DS9. Below you can also find my summary reviews for season 3 of Voyager and 5 of DS9.

For reviews of earlier seasons, well, you can't do better than Tim Lynch. His reviews are archived at the Psi Phi page. (He stopped reviewing Voyager after Season 2, and Ashley Miller's reviews have taken their place at Psi Phi).

Brian the Snorf is also a regular (and very good) Trek reviewer on Usenet, and his reviews -- including some Trek book reviews -- can be found at his Reviews page.

You also might want to check out Jammer's reviews -- he is another faithful contributor to the trek reviews group (and his pages are laid out very nicely, too.)

Voyager Reviews 12/5/97

Season 4 Reviews:

Summary Review for season 3

In-depth reviews for secind half of Season 3

In-depth reviews for fist half of season three  (Flashback, The Chute, The Swarm, False Profits, Remember, Sacred Ground, Future's End (I), Future's End (II) , Warlord, The Q and the Grey, Macrocosm)

Deep Space Nine Reviews 10/5/97

Summary Review for Season 5

In-depth reviews for second half of season 5

In-depth reviews for first half of season 5 (Apocaplypse Rising, The Ship, Looking for Par'Mach In All The Wrong Places, Nor the Battle to the Strong, The Assignment, Trials and Tribble-ations, Let He Who Is Without Sin... , Things Past , The Ascent , Rapture, The Darkness and the Light)

All reviews are (c) 1996, 1997 by Jon Harrington. So don't pretend you wrote 'em, ok?

Star Trek, all Trek names, images, etc. are all (c) Viacom, in case you didn't know.

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