Safe Haven
for the Pretender

It's time to relax for awhile! This safe haven is set aside for Jarod or any other Pretender who has fled the wrath of The Center.

Bari's Top Ten Pretender Lists!

I just got a ship load of Bazooka Bubble Gum, Slinkies, and Pez products. Enjoy!

Urgent Supplies

Ponder the Elements of PEZ

PEZ Essentials

Collecting PEZ A book by David Welsh

Planet PEZ

Kellie's PEZ Playground

PEZ Haven

The PEZ Page

The wonders of Slinkies!

Newton's Theory of Slinkies

Pretend to be a Rubric

Mark Longridge's Domain of the Cube

In case of emergency, click on one of the following:

Jerod's Safe House

Jeremy's Ultimate Pretender Page

The Pretender Headquarters

Jack Kevorkian for White House Physician

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