Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness has to be one of the greatset games ever made. The following is a group of downloadable maps for Warcraft. They are in Macintosh format(sorry you foolish Windows users). I myself didn't design most of them, so I'll try to give credit to the creators of the ones I know.
P.S.- They're all stuffed.

*some of these may be protected by a copyright(I doubt it). If so: All Necessary Copyrights.
3 IslandsJust plain hard.Ian
3on3A good multiplayer map.Ian
MasterFun, but it takes a while to beat.Ian
Run 4Kind of Fun.Ian
Debo's MapHard, but it's actually fun.ME
Human AdvanceFun Multiplayerunknown
MTNPAS46Awesome multiplayer map! Not for 1 person.unknown
SixlundAnother good multiplayer mapunknown
AllianceReally good with 8 players on a networkunknown

If you have a pud that you want here, send it to me!

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