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Since we all know that the MacOS is the best OS, I've decided to compile a list of links to some of my favorite Mac related pages. Now many people think that the Mac "sucks". Some people even say that Apple is "doomed to go bankrupt". However we diehard Mac proponents know the truth: If anyone's goin down it's Bill Gates and his precious Microsoft. I'm sick of hearing people say that they left the Mac or passed over the Mac because of a lack of software. That is SOOOOO STUPID!!!!!! The Mac has just as much software as Windows any day of the week. The only place that the developers haven't done the MacOS justice is with games. Now I like games as much as the next guy, but sacrifice the better OS for a couple of crummy games?!? NEVER!!! Nope. No Way. Nada.
As you can see I am a very opinionated person. So now lets do the whole world a favor and get out there and promote the MacOS! Go, go enjoy my favorite Mac links!

The links:

  1. MacUser Magazine-The name says it all.

  2. Macworld Magazine-Again, the name says it all.

  3. Apple Jedi-This has to be one the coolest pro-Mac sites around.

  4. Power ComputingTM-This is one of the best Mac clone makers. Plus they have some cool pro-Mac stuff.

  5. Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList-Guy Kawasaki, Apple's Macintosh Evangelist, has a plethora of reasons to stick with and join the MacOS community.

  6. The Macintosh Homepage-Though not official, there's some cool stuff.

  7. Apple Corporation-And of course, Apple, who could forget the company that started it all.

    If you have any pro-Mac or good Mac related links, please share. Just send me the URL in an E-mail. Also, I'd like to get YOUR take on the whole Macintosh situation.

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