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Special Agent Fox William Mulder 

Badge Number: JTT047101111 
Height: 6 Feet 
Weight: 170 Pounds 
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Brown/Green 
Date of Birth: 13 October 1961 

After studying at Oxford Agent Mulder entered the Quantico Academy, to train for an FBI-agent. He there earned the nickname spooky, because of his theories, which often had something to do with the paranormal. After graduating, Agent Mulder was assigned to the FBI violent crimes section, where he worked for three years. In 1991 he was assigned to the FBI X-Files section, dealing with unsolved and unexplained case files in the history of the FBI. A partner, Dana Scully, was assigned to him, to help him, and to monitor his work, and report to her C.E.O., A.D. Skinner.

Agent Mulder's sister disappeared when he was 12 years old, and she was nine. Throughout his life Agent Mulder has believed that his sister was abducted by Aliens, something which has much influenced his work. 

Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully 

Badge Number: N/A 
Height: 5 feet 3 Inches 
Weight: N/A 
Hair: Red 
Eyes: Green 
Date of Birth: 23 February 1964 

Special Agent Dana Scully joined the FBI directly from medical school as a teacher at the Quantico FBI Academy. In 1992 she was assigned to the X-Files section by Section Chief Scott Blevins, to work with S.A. Mulder. She has always relied on science, being unable to believe in Agent Mulders' theories on what might be behind some X-Files cases.  

Agent Scully was abducted by fugitive Duane Barry in October 1994. After the arrest of Duane Barry, she was however still missing for over three weeks, mysteriously showing up in deep coma at the I.C.U. of North Georgetown University Hospital. After regaining consciousness, Agent Scully claims she has no memories whatsoever of the event. 

Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner 

A.D. Skinner is the superior officer of agents Mulder and Scully as well as FBI bureau chief. He is often in conflict with Agent Mulder, as Mulder has a tendency not to do everything by the book. A.D. Skinner often gets visits from the mysterious Cancer Man, whose relationship with Skinner isn't quite clear yet.  

In 1996, Skinner was gunned down in a café by a Mexican that was identified as Luis Cardinal, and who was later apprehended by agent Scully, and later killed himself in his prison cell. (Although agent Mulder believes that the dark group that Cancer Man belongs to had something to do with his death - "They made it look as if he killed himself, Scully").  

Skinner recovered well from the incident.  It is believed that Skinner's shooting was ordered by someone in the Intelligence Community as a warning to Skinner not to investigate further into Agent Scully's sisters murder. 

Alex Krycek 

It is believed that the man known as Alex Krycek, or Ratboy to some, has (or at least had) close involvements with the mysterious intelligence group to which Cancer Man belongs.  

He, together with Luis Cardinal killed Agent Scully's sister, Melissa. He was also involved in the stealing of a digital tape containing the record of the CIA's involvement in the capturing of UFOs. He together with Cardinal stole the DAT from A.D. Skinner, beating him up while doing so. 

In 1996, Mulder found Krycek in Hong Kong, trying to sell the secrets of the digital tape. After capturing and pulling a gun on Krycek at the Hong Kong airport Agent Mulder and Krycek flew to Washington D.C., where Krycek disappeared after their car was driven off the road by a black sedan. 
The Lone Gunmen 

These three men have many times helped Mulder with the technical stuff they are so good at. Frohike, Langley and Bayers are somewhat of computer nerds - but not any computer nerds - they're the best.

They have gotten their nickname from the fact that they publish a newsletter on government conspiracies.

Amongst other things they helped Mulder trace the route of the ship Piper Maru in the episode named 'Piper Maru', and to explain why seemingly normal people suddenly turned into murderers in the episode 'Pusher'.



This mysterious man is the successor of Mulder's former information source, Deep Throat, who died in the last episode of season one. His motives are unknown, but he provides Mulder with information, mainly regarding the UFO cases, but still his place in the hierarchy of 'the big conspiracy' is quite unknown. In the episode 'One Breath' he killed a man point blank before the eyes of Agent Mulder.

X was also the one who carried Mulder out of the train car just before the bomb that was hidden in it exploded, in the episode '731'.


Deep Throat

Deep Throat was the one who provided Mulder with information during season one. He tragically died after agent Mulder was kidnapped, however. He insisted he should deliver the 'ransom' the kidnappers (read dark government group...) demanded, namely an alien fetus.

Deep Throat is the essence of the alien conspiracy running through The X-Files - the ultimate good guy.

Remember his final words, when dying in the arms of Agent Scully:

Trust no one

Show me what it looked like


Cancer Man

Although referred to as Cancer Man by x-philes, Carter and the gang have named him the Cigarette Smoking man. (Mulder called him Cancer Man once when referring to him). I however prefer to call him Cancer Man.

If Deep Throat represents the good guys, Cancer Man truly represents the dark forces obstructing agent Mulder's work. He frequently visits A.D. Skinner's office, giving him 'advise' when Mulder and Scully start digging too close to the truth.

He sometimes is seen gathered with a group of other equally mysterious men in a Washington apartment. This group seem to be the core of the men who have knowledge of the government's involvement with aliens.

We were given a new view of Cancer Man in the episode 'Talitha Cumi' were he reminisces to Mrs. Mulder about "so many good times at the Mulders' summer place" when Fox and Samantha were "so young and energetic". He also said "I was a better water skier than Bill [Mulder], but then, that could be said about so many things", suggesting he and Mrs. Scully were lovers.


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