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This is the page were you will be able to download X-Files related stuff. There isn't much here yet, but anyway...


X-Files fonts

Note for all fonts: Download them, unzip them with WinZip or PkZip to the \windows\fonts directory and voila... You have an X-Files font installed. 21 K

Not like the real one, but quite similar. 21 K

Also quite similar, but not the real thing.


X-Files Desktop Themes

Note for desktop themes: You will have to have Microsoft Plus! installed on your computer for these to work.

xf-them2.exe 960 K (self-extractable exe-file)


X-Files Screen Savers 227 K


X-Files Icons 22 K


Do you have something really cool x-files related, downloadable?
send me an e-mail and attach it as a zip-file, and I may put it here for everyone to download.




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