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History of The X-Files


September 10, 1993

Special Agent Dana Scully is assigned to work with S.A. Mulder on the X-Files section by her Section Chief Scott Blevins.


September 17, 1993

While investigating a series of unusual disappearances of army test pilots, Agent Mulder is held captive at Ellens Air Force Base. The official explanation is trespassing on military property.


October 29, 1993

Agent Scully is nearly killed while exploring a ventilation drum at a crime scene. Her weapon saves her by disabling the fan threatening her life. This is the first time Agent Scully fires her weapon.


November 19, 1993

Agent Mulder first meets Max Fenig, who is a UFO enthusiast. Mulder, although unwilling to admit so, has found a 'kindred spirit', as Agent Scully puts it some years later after Fenig's tragic death.


January 7, 1994

Agent Scully's father dies of a heart attack. Scully is deeply shaken.


May 13, 1994

Mulder is kidnapped and Mulder and Scully's informant, known as Deep Throat is murdered during a trade for Agent Mulder's life. Mulder returns somewhat injured, but alive.

The X-Files section is shut down and Scully and Mulder are assigned to other sections at the FBI.


October 7, 1994

Agent Mulder is assigned a new partner, Alex Krycek. Later Krycek is shown at a meeting with the Cigarette-Smoking Man, telling him "Mulder found another source" [to replace Deep Throat], and that Scully is "a much larger problem than you described". The Cigarette-Smoking Man replies "Every Problem has a solution".


October 14, 1994

Agent Scully is kidnapped by fugitive Duane Barry, and Mulder starts a desperate search for her.


October 21, 1994

The X-Files section is reopened by A.D. Skinner


November 11, 1994

Scully turns up alive, but in deep coma in a Washington D.C. hospital. Although nearly dying, Scully wakes up, and recovers without permanent damage.


May 19, 1995

Mulder's father is fatally shot by former agent Alex Krycek.


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