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OSP Publishing of Bell, Calif., has produced images of Agents Mulder and Scully on giant 23" x 35" posters. OSP has two poses of the detective duo togehter plus another poster featuring Mulder alone -- each for $4.99 -- at department stores, music stores and comic shops.

X-Files T-Shirts

If you want a cool X-Files T-Shirt then call Stanley DeSantis, who produce official X-Files products -- T-Shirts, caps, ceramic mugs, etc. Order by calling (818) 755-0222 if you live in the US.

The Fan Club

Join the official X-Files fan club which is run by Creation Entertainment. When you join you get a kit containing behind-the-scenes color photos, a membership card, a members-only poster, four issues of X-Notes (the club's newsletter), special merchandise offers and surprises (requiring a VCR - hint, hint).

To join the club, send a check for $29.99 + $7 postage and handling (make checks payable to Creation) to The Official X-Files Fan Club, 411 N. Central Avenue, Suite #300, Glendale, CA 91203.

Official Videos

If you're worried about your X-Files videos wearing out I hope you know that you can buy the official ones that contain two episodes on each tape. Available in the US only.

The Official X-Files Season 1 & 2 collector's edition!

They have arrived. I'm sorry to say I have no pictures of these elegant black boxes, but the fact is that they each contain one season of X-Files episodes, and can be bought (or ordered) from a well-sorted video-dealer near you. They are limited-edition stuff, so hurry up if you wanna get them. Note: These are not the same videos mentioned above, but more exclusive stuff.  

The Compact disks 

There are two compact disks related to The X-Files available. The first one contains music inspired from The X-Files, with artists such as the Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, etc. It's called 'Songs in the Key of X'. The other CD is called 'The Truth and the Light - Music from The X-Files', and contains original music from Mark Snow, most of which has been featured in The X-Files.  

Hot Tip: If you have the CD 'Songs in the Key of X' I hope you have discovered that if you play track one, and 'rewind' the song you'll end up with two hidden tracks, because the CD-Player then finds them at position -??.??,??. You will have to have a CD-Player that supports rewinding within a song to do this.  

If you want to buy x-files stuff on-line you should visit the X-Store, they have tons of stuff.


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