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The X-Files is an hour-long show that airs once a week in the US. It was created by Chris Carter, and it is produced and aired by Twentieth Century Fox and now also on FX (in the US). The show first aired in the US in 1993, and has now spread to many other countries.

The Show is about the two FBI-agents Mulder and Scully who investigate X-Files - unsolved cases in the history of the FBI, often with a connection to the paranormal. Agent Mulder is the one who believes in the existance of extra-terrestrials, and other paranormal phenomenon. Mulder's sister Melissa mysteriously disappeared when he was 12 and she was 7. Althrough his life he has believed that she was abducted by aliens since those are his own memories of the event and he was the only witness. Agent Scully however is an M.D., and always relies on science when investigating a case. She promptly refuses to believe in Mulder's theories about extra-terrestrials and such. Mostly, however, his explanations as what to is the reason behind what they're investigating sounds more plausible although more weird.

The X-Files now airs in over fifty countries. Below I have compiled a list of when the show airs in different countries. If you know when The X-Files airs in your country and the information is not available below, then please mail me with the information. Please include name of country, the broadcasting channel, and day and time of broadcast.

Air times of 'The X-Files' for different countries

Country Channel Day Time
Hong Kong TVB Pearl Tuesdays 20:30
Sweden TV4 Thursdays 21:00
USA Fox Sundays 21:00

(Times are given in local time)

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