The Occult Section

Welcome children of the Night...
This section is intended to provide some knowledge about mysticism.
In here you can read some of my knowledge, and you can reach other teachings of mystic ways.
Mystery is an integral part of our lives. Some people take mysticism as their way of life, like wiccans, shamans, druids and such.
Mystic teachings can be a certain belief, ways of improving your life and a tool to access things beyond the earthly comprehension.
There are levels of power and deepness to mystic ways. One can gather a group of friends and do a seance at night, or one can reach as far as practicing the rituals in the book "The key of Solomon".
Man's history is witchcraft's history.
It is a hard task to go back to a certain era and say that in a perticular time there was found some kind of magic in a definite form, because allthough there are a lot of very early evidances conerning the use of witchcraft, there are always earlier traces and evidances that survived in the form of symbols, shrouds and in legandes that were passed from generation to generation.
Those traces can be found in any race and nation in the world.
Witchcraft is the first attempt of man to contact the unknown;The hidden spiritual powers, that can be felt in a faint way and that through them man hoped to achive his goals and to reach issues that were proven as hard to reach or imposible as far as he concerns, to reach in convantional ways.
Not all magics were "black", but all magics developed, eventualy, an evil tendency and witchcraft in general began to imply on something that is doubtful, if not really evil. In the develope of thought, witchcraft or magic- as representativ of lower intellectual level- preceded religion, it seems everywhere. but later on they were led correspondingly.
The most amazing mystic teaching is the kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) this ancient teaching holds all the secrets of the universe. The kabbalist knew that the world was round about 2500 years ago (Galilay stated it only about 300 years ago).
The Kabbalah even talks about black holes. Besides all the tremendous knowledge the Kabbalah and Zohar holds it has a practical teaching(highly secret teachings that only a few are tought)the Kabbalist can do amazing things with the practical teachings of the Kabbalah. One of the most known things that are in the practical teachings of the Kabbalah is the Golem.
Rabbi Dela Raine (1472-1418)that was known for his use in the practical side of the Kabbalah in order to bring the salvation near used holy names to summon Samael and his assistant Amon to attempt to overcome them.
But once he faced with the power of the "Sitra Ahra" (thats in Aramith and it refers the Dark forces) he tumbled and was tempted to raise them incense and eventualy he commited suicide.
There are alot of amazing stories of Kabbalists that practiced the practical side of the Kabbalah. but the common attitude was to study the Kabbalah and not practicing it. Using the practical of the Kabbalah was only in time of real need in doing so.
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