Samael is in the left nobility kingdom (in Aramith: Sitra Desmala), The angel Samael that his power and his status express themselves in an entourage of seventy chancellors, has twelve wings and he rules over the kingdom of the Vandal Angels.
Differently from Metatron (the supreme Angel), Samael does not draw his power from the super energy of the divine light but from "behind" of Metatron.
The creatuers of evil that in the left nobility were given names, the book "Zohar" referes to the eternal couple, the representatives of the evil kingdom: Samael is the devil or the angel Asmodeus, also called "Sitra Ahra", and Lilith his mate is the first woman that was created for man but refused to let him control her.
Lilith joined the devil that staied in the garden of Eden in the form of the snake and she moved with him to another time dimension where Satan rules, in the halls of impurity that in the kingdom of the Vandal Angels.In there Satan is being used by God as a prosecutor for the created creatures, and strives to empower the energy of law or the powers of metaphisical evil and by doing so to violate the cosmic balance to the minus side(-).
Lilith earned in the tradition of the Kabbalah a stand of the supreme mother of demons and their queen. Below her in the hirarcy there is another female, the second mother of demons, her partner for vandal acts on the face of the earth, she is Naama, the sister of Tobal Kin.