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Hello noble fans of my site. Im sorry I have not been with it much on updates. Here has been my ordeal. As of the last update.. which was unreasonably a long time ago. I was in the middle of moving to a new server and totally remastering the whole site. Well. I had just about completed it when I lost my hard drive. I lost everything. So I started it once again.. Well I had finally finished up my graphics work.. and the page coding. Would think I would have learned the first time right? Wrong. I just lost that computer completely. Well Im now on a new computer. And as you know. The third time is the charm! So over the next few months, graphics, pages, (hopefully ALOT more crossovers as I lost over 7000! you all have sent in to me. So get to writing!


To All of those Predator Artists with Original Artwork. Who would like a bit of recognition for their work and a bit of public display. Send them in. (As I dont have a scanner anymore, you need to have them scanned, hopefully in good quality, and in GIF or JPG format) Please be.. tasteful, as I dont want to see what you feel the Predator's Sexual Preferences are. (Ya know who are ya who sent me that one!)

Come inside and see the cast to the first Predator movie. Check out the movie. Dont forget to look at the price guide too see my opinion on how much the comics are worth. See what the memorable things the cast said in the movie in the Quotes section. Then after your done with all of that check out the Links to my favorite sites on the web. Also one of the newer features of The World Of The Predator, The Sketchbook.

Thanks Dol for the award.


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