Mackinaw Crossings - Mackinaw City

One of our favorite places to visit is located in the state of Michigan. In fact, it's located between the upper and lower peninsula's of Michigan. From the outside Mackinaw City looks like another tourist trap. But don't be fooled, this is a great place for the family that likes spend time together. I get a real kick out of seeing my daughters trying on various outrageous hats that one store sells.

If you have never been to Mackinaw City it has a charm all it's own. A day in Mackinaw and then a day on Mackinaw Island, makes for a quick yet relaxing mini-vacation. Sometimes just the wife and I take a quick trip to Mackinaw. This allows the wife and I to be alone and yet be surrounded by people who are also enjoying the experience of Mackinaw. We can talk and get to know each other better, without the normal daily affairs at home interfering.

Believe it or not, these little getaways, remind us how much we enjoy and miss home and family. We are always happy to return home and be with the family again. But it is not very long before we get a hankering to return to Mackinaw and get away from it all again and again.....

Some diligent shopping can lead you to some real treasures. I enjoy looking for little oddities and nick nacks with a light-house or sailing theme. No matter what your tastes or what you collect, you are sure to find goodies to enrich your collections. When we are at the Crossings, the many troubles of the world seem a little farther away.

Why not take a few minutes to look at the pictures of Mackinaw Crossings, and see what I'm talking. These pictures were taken early in the morning on a brisk October day. Then give some thought to spending a day two in the Straights of Mackinaw with your family. Visiting the fort nearby (I have picts) is also fun and interesting!

Below are some pictures I am sure you will of interest.

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