Little ol Me Here is a picture of me as I looked a few moons ago:

Here is a picture of me, showing my involvement in a highly exacting, time consuming, page layout operation.

A picture of me in school in Mechanical Drawing. No, it's not a coloring book!

  1. You can enjoy one of our family vacations by clicking HERE

  2. Ever been to a old western town? Well I have some pictures I would like to share with you. I hope to add more pics when we revisit the Irish Hills this summer. Come on Pardner!

  3. Michigan's UP has a lot to offer for those who visit her. Natural wonders, such as the Pictured Rocks and the Lake Superior shoreline. You will also find some manmade sites. One of these is historic Fort Wilkins. Click here to view a few of the pictures from my last visit there.

  4. I enjoy reading science fiction and historical literature. But my real passion is for books that build character and faith. Books that dispell myths and theories, such as evolution. For instance, how familiar are you with the life and times of Jesus? I have a book that covers Jesus life in great detail and is well illustrated, people of any faith will find this book very thought provoking and inspiring! Follow this link to learn more about these books and how you may obtain a copy. Reading is still the best way for an individual to exercise their mind and to explore other worlds. And you don't need visa's or luggage to travel via the mind!

  5. To learn more about my personal beliefs and values, please follow the Narrow Road!


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