Poems by a poet named Gary

Life is a road!

Living, I try to do it well,
death is an option, on which one need not dwell.
Anyone can die, that's what I surmise.

But if we face life and give it a try,
we may find a road on which take a to ride,
A ride that can lead to life's grand prize
That of life Everlasting, if we are wise.

Even though we are all sinners,
we can come out winners!
Yes, if we find that road and run the race,
we can live life with a happy face.

With ever-lasting life as a reward,
death will be gone forevermore!
Gary Anderson

There once was a tree named me
but it wasn't the only one, you see
But of all the trees named me
mine was the best one you see
because of course is twas me.
Gary Anderson

The world of sin is around us
no matter where we go, it's bound to find us.
But if we have faith, it will be easier to face.

The world of sin is around us
but if we have faith, it can't harm us.
So please don't be an alarmist, nor a conformist.
If we have faith,
we can win the race
and leave sin far behind.
Gary Anderson

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