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We all have our favorite stories, and have read them several times. In my case the following book is a classic: Foundation Trilogy by Asimov. I have several other books that would also make my list of all-time greats. I want to start a listing of great stories, and would like your help in doing so. Thusly, (is that a word?) I have decided to put this page together. It will be a top ten list, that may well grow.

I will place a few of my favorites in my Top Ten listing, and as others who visit my site send in their selections, the Visitors Top Ten list will grow. Hopefully, at least some of my favorites will make that list.

Hey, send me your list of favorites!

I have set up a science fiction circle that will discuss new and established authors. We will also discuss our favorite books and exchange reviews. If you would like to be a part of this circle please email ME.
  1. Foundation Trilogy--------by Asimov
  2. Deathworld Trilogy---------by Harry Harrison
  3. Stainless Steel Rat-------by Harry Harrison
  4. Battle Field Earth--------by L. Ron Hubbard
  5. Mastodonia----------------by Clifford D. Simak
  6. A Heritage of Stars------by Clifford D. Simak
  7. RAMA---------------------by Arthur C. Clarke
  8. Mutineer's Moon---------by David Weber
  9. Armageddon Inheritance----by David Weber
  10. Heirs of Empire----------by David Weber
  11. Cemetery World-----------by Clifford D. Simak
  12. Way Station--------------by Clifford D. Simak

Want to see a few covers of some of my favorite books? If so, just click away!

BELOW is the Top Ten listing that fellow travelers have sent in. Feel free to send in your choices. To voice your opinion and your choice of the all-time TOP TEN books, please e-mail me.

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The All-Time Top Ten (Hundred) Books of SCIENCE FICTION:

    Charlie Plock - aka mtneagle would like to recommend the first two books.
  1. Necromancer------------------ by Gordon Dickson
  2. A World out of Time---------- by Larry Niven
  3. Foundation Trilogy-------------- by Asimov
  4. Stranger In a Strange Land------ by Heinlein
  5. Stainless Steel Rat-------------- by Harry Harrison
  6. Battlefield Earth--------------- by L. Ron Hubbard
  7. Deathworld Trilogy-------------- by Harry Harrison
  8. Rama---------------------------- by Arthur C. Clarke
  9. Dune--------------------------by Frank Herbert
  10. Ender's Game------------------by Orson Scott Card
  11. Earth Abides-------------------- by George Stewart
  12. Corridors of Time -------------- by Poulsen
  13. A Heritage of Stars------------ by Clifford D. Simak
  14. Hyperion----------------------- by Dan Simmons
  15. Neverness Trilogy------------- by David Zindell
  16. Xenocide---------------------- by Orson Scott Card
  17. The Genesis Machine---------- by James Hogan
  18. The Rowan-------------------- by Ann McCaffery
  19. World War: In the Balance------by Harry Turtledove
  20. 1984-----------------------------by George Orwell
  21. Brave New World-------------by Aldous Huxley
  22. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy------by Doug Adams
  23. The Illustrated Man --------------by Ray Bradbury
    Sent in by "MOON" who happened to notice that my Top Ten list has more than ten books listed. I may have to change it to my Top Twenty List.

  24. Many Colored Land and Golden Torc-----by Julian May
  25. A Canticle for Leibowitz--- by Walter M. Miller
    This was submitted by a miffed "Susan Reynolds" I forgot to list Mr. Miller's classic, oops.

  26. Childhood's End-------------- by Arthur C. Clarke
  27. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress-- by Robert Heinlein
  28. A Saucer of Loneliness------ by Theodore sturgeon
  29. Pillar of fire------------ by Ray Bradbury
  30. Ariminta Station--------- by Jack Vance
  31. The City of the Chasch----- by Jack Vance

  32. The Last Starfighter--------by Alan Dean Foster
  33. Bio of a Space Tyrant------by Piers Anthony
  34. Cat's Cradle--------------- by Kurt Vonnegutt, Jr.
  35. Deathbird Stories and Others---- by Harlan Ellison
    Submitted by "Bruce" who mentioned "just can't have a "Top" list, without Ellison.

  36. The Golden Apples of the Sun----- by Ray Bradbury
  37. The Nightfall(tale)------------ by Asimov
    Submitted by Jeferson Lopes Zacco. He stated "The Nightfall(tale)-Asimov: Superior, in my humble opinion, to the Foundation Trilogy. Do you agree? Why not contact Jeff and let him know how you feel!

  38. The Incarnations of the Imortals-- by Perice Anthony Ms Tart submitted this. She said " I don't see any Piers Anthony books listed. Anthony has done a great series know as The Incarnations of the Imortals which is the greatest I have ever read." Gary here: Book #31 is also by Piers Anthony.

  39. Starship Troopers---------------- by Robert Heinlein
  40. Neuromancer------------------------- by William Gibson
  41. Slan-------------------------------- by A. E. Van Vogt

  42. Dark Sun Rising------------- by C.S. Friedman
  43. Deathstalker series---------by Simon Green
  44. Dungeon series-------------- by Philip Jose Farmer This series submitted by jojo.

  45. Lords of Light series--------by Roger Zelazny
    Jeanne submitted the next six book.

  46. Blue Champage collection----by John Varley
  47. Persistence of Vision-------by John Varley
  48. Time Pressure----------------by Spider Robinson
  49. Mind Killer-----------------by Spider Robinson
  50. Lifehouse--------------------by Spider Robinson
  51. The Mars Trillogy----------by Kim Stanley Robinson
  52. Sandkings--------------------by George R.R. Martin
  53. Lifehouse--------------------by George R.R. Martin
  54. When the Sleeper Wakes-------by H.G.Wells
    Submitted by Tony Cassista.

  55. Ringworld Series-------------by Larry Niven
    Don Eldershaw sent in this suggestion.

  56. Tek Wars Series---------------by William Shatner
  57. Star Trek Series--------------by Willian Shatner
    Bill Parker suggested the above series written by Mr. Shatner.

  58. Mission Earth Series------by L. Ron Hubbard
  59. Fear----------------------by L. Ron Hubbard Andro sent in the two selections above (56,57).
  60. The Stars My Destination---- by Alfred Bester
  61. The Man Who Folded Himself--- by David Gerrold
  62. Our Childrens' Children by--- Clifford Simak
  63. The Empire Of Time---------- by Crawford Killian
  64. There Will Be Time---------- by Poul Anderson

  65. The Puppeteer Novels---------by Arthur C. Clarke
  66. Article 23------------------ by William R. Forstchen (by me)
  67. The Reality Dysfunction-------- by Peter F. Hamilton
  68. The Neutronium Alchemist------ by Peter F. Hamilton
  69. The World Inside---------- by Robert Silverberg
    NOTE: The three selections above were sent in by Andrej "Overman" Majc.
  70. I Will Fear No Evil----------by Heinlein
  71. The Past Through Tomorrow----by Heinlein
    The two choices above were submitted by Becca, a die-hard Heinlein buff!

Hey, let your choice be counted. If you like any of the above novels let me know and I will add your vote to the list. If you want to add a book, send it to me. Not the actual book, no, no, just your choice. Of course if you really want to send me a book.....

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