Star Trek

STAR TREK, has captured the minds of millions, giving many hope and inspiration. It's not the just the special effects either, which are of course great. No, Star Trek embodies more than just sight and sound. It gives many people some hope for the future of mankind. The closeness that is shown to exist between the various crew members, leads some to have a hope that such trust, love, and respect between differing races and alien cultures, can in fact exist! It is that ideal that attracts millions to the Star Trek arena. When you compare present world conditions with the scenario that Star Trek offers, it is clear why the program was and still is so popular! It is easy to see why many people would like to see this planet go the way of Star Trek.

Will this really be the future of this planet? Is it our destiny to explore the Universe? Can man on his own, overcome national, religious and ethnic differences and the violence caused by them?

I welcome your views and comments on my outlook on things. I may appear to be a pessimist, but in reality, I have a bright outlook for the future! The fact is, I know that someday man will attain a spiritual level, where man is free of hate, greed, and the other basic human traits that are the cause of this planets present condition. At that time, the earth will be populated by a meek and humble persons. They will enjoy true peace. No wars, no crime, and most important, no death. Young ones will be able to walk anywhere at anytime without fear. Those of you who would like more information on my reasons for this optimistic outlook can e-mail me. Of course, if your satisfied with the world's present condition, why then, there is no need of your contacting me. You can go to the video shack and rent a few Star Trek movies and dream away. But, if your fed up with such things as: War, hate, crime, drugs, sickness, and death, do please drop me a note.

Live Long, and Prosper!

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