List of Books and Literature:
To read for help, studying and understanding,
the Native American people
(mainly the Lakota).

Books and literature

Summary of Book and Literature
Mostly excerpts from back of books

"Lakota Woman"
Mary Brave Bird
With Richard Erdoes

This is a very insightful book to read if you wish to learn more about the role and trials of
being a Native woman and more especially a "Breed" or part-blood. It is a biographical book and hard to put down once you start to read it. It rates a 10+ in my book.

"Ohitka Woman"
Mary Brave Bird
with Richard Erdoes

This book is a continuation of the above book about a part-blood Lakota, as an adult, growing up on the reservation in the era of the 1972 Wounded Knee take over. It is a very well written book and doesnt pull many punches. I highly recommend it for reading and understanding todays native women have to endure.


"Vision and Experience in
Oglala Ritual"
William K. Powers

Powers spent time with medicine men..the ceremonies as they evolved over last century.. includes the sacred ceremonies... "Yuwipi is the present-day Oglala Sioux version of an ancient and widespread ritual in which a shaman is bound and, in the darkness, calls spirits to come and free him and to communicate with him and his audience. It is related to the vision quest and the sweat lodge ceremonies." An actual ceremony is witnessed and reported.

"Mother Earth Spirituality"

"Native American Paths to healing ourselves and Our World" by

Eagle Man, Ed McGaa

An Oglala Lakota Sioux teaches how to reconnect with and heal our wounded earth in this compelling introduction to Native American philosophy, history, and rites.

This book is one of my favorites as it was the first one I found that
answered some of my questions I had about my people.

"Native Wisdom"

"Perceptions of the Natural Way" by

Ed McGaa, Eagle Man

A very good book dealing with the spirituality of the Lakota people. It covers a broad spectrum of subjects. Its a very good book to read for basic understanding.

As with his other book I totally recommend this one for reading.

"Sister to the Sioux"

" The Memoirs of Elaine Goodale Eastman"

Edited by Kay Graber

She watched the emergence of the Ghost Dance religion, visited with Sitting Bull shortly before his death, and was at Pine Ridge during the last month of 1890 - " a time of grim suspense." There she met her future husband, Dr. Charles Eastman, the agency physician and a mixed-blood Sioux.

It is starting to be a very good book. I say this since I have just started to read it.

"Buffalo Woman"


Dorothy M. Johnson

Whirlwind belonged to the Oglala Sioux, the people of Crazy Horse. Born in 1820 near the Black Hills, She knew prosperity - her father could afford an expensive Buffalo Maiden ceremoy - and eventually tragedy.
"Oglala Women"
"Myte, Ritual, and Reality"


Marla N. Powers
Based on interviews and histories colledted over more than a twenty-five year study on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Marlad Powers conveys what it means to be an Oglala woman. Sespite the myth of the Euramerican that sees Oglala women as inferior to men, and the roles of male and female merge as complementary. In fact, she clsims, Oglala women have been better able to adapt to the dominate white culture and provide much of the stability and continuity of modern tribal life. This rich ethnographic portraite considers ahe complete context of Oglalal life - religion, economics, medicine, politics, old age - and is enhanced by numerous modern and historical photographs.
"Walking in the Sacred Manner"
"Healers, Dreamers, and Pipe Carriers- Medicine Women of the Plains Indians"


Mark St. Pierre and Tilda Long Soldier
This book is an exploration fo the myths and culture of the Plains Indians, for whom the everyday and the spiritual are intertwined and woman play a strong and important role in the spiritual and religious life of the community. Based on extensive first- person interviews by an established expert on Plains Indian woman, Walking in the Sacred manner is a singular and authentic record of the particopation of women in the sacred traditions of Northern Plains tribes, including Lakota, Cheyenne, Crow, and Assiniboine.
"How to Take Part in Lakota Ceremonies"


Fr. Willian Stolzman
this book is written for those looking for a clear and concise manual for participating correctly in Lakota rituals. Carefully written and easily understood, this guide will prevent confusion, fear, and common mistakes often experienced by beginners. Following these directives, a person will be able to participate with confidence, understanding and respect in the beautiful, meaningful, and sacred rituals of the Lakota.

" The Art of the Native American Flute"


R. Carlos Nakai &
James Demars

A must for all of you wanting to learn to play a Native American 6 hole flute. He goes over techniques, fingering, history, and traditional ornaments plus a chapter on the care and maintenance of the flute.

Its a very good book with sectioning off on different parts and interests of flute playing.

"Oglala Religion"


William Powers

This study seekes to explain how one group of Native Americans, the Oglala Sioux, has preserved its social and cultural identy despite formidable attempts by the U.government to eliminate tribal societies. Treating continuity and change as two aspects of the same phenomenon, it focuses on the nature of the uniquely Oglala values which presist, their modes of cultural expression, and the processes by which they are replicated.

"The Sacred Pipe"

"Black Elk's Account of Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux." Recorded and Edited by
Joseph Epes Brown

This is a faithful transcription by Mr. Brown of the words of Black Elk, the last of the Sioux holy men to know his tribe's religious rites, together with their history and significance... Mr. Brown lived with Black Elk on the reservation, and the holy man, in order to preserve the Siouan rites both for the whites and for his own people, told him all he know of the rites. ........ a very good book to read....

"Black Elk Speaks"

as told to
John G Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow)

"Being the life story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux" . Originally Published in 1932, it is venerated by many who have become alarmed at the declining spiritual and material quality of life in the age of computers and Star Wars. While the Electronic median purvey fragmented images of tragic schisms, Black Elk offers an eloquent and profound vision of the unity of all creation.


"Belief and Ritual"
James R. Walker

The Old Men at Pine Ridge instructed Walker in their traditional religion, first of all, because, in the words of George Sword, "the Gods of the Oglala would be more pleased if the holy men told of them so that they might be kept in remembrance and all the world might know of them."The collective decision to instruct Walker as a Lakota holy man was not made without consulting the gods themselves... Good book

"The Medicine Men"

"Oglala Sioux
Ceremony and Healing" by
Thomas H. Lewis

During many months Lewis studied with leading practitioners. He describes the healers-- their techniques, personal histories and qualities, the problems addressed and results obtained--and examines past as well as present practices. The result is an engrossing account that may profoundly affect the way readers view the dynamics of therapy for mind and body.

"Black Elk"

"The Sacred ways
of a Lakota"
Wallace Black Elk & William S. Lyon

William Black Elk, a Lakota elder and shaman, was born in 1921 on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. He has traveled widely throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, addressing large groups and conducting healing ceremonies. In his book he addresses: The making of a Shaman, and The Sacred Mystery Powers, going into detail within each one.


"Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders"
Steve Wall and Harvey Arden

"The spiritual heritage of Native American people is here- it has not been extinguished. I believe the spiritual fire still burns and is beckoning for America, indeed, the world, to come closer, to listen, to learn, and to share in its warmth and comfort. It is time that the buckskin curtain be drawn back. It is time, I know it... Teach the children. The Grandfathers and Grandmothers are in the children.. If we educate them, our children tomorrow will be wiser then we are today. They are the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of tomorrow." .......Lots of wisdom....Good Book...

"Many Hawks Tribute Page"
compiled from various sources
Stephen Schlarb

Steve has gathered and put together a great page for you, with much historical information, so you can read and learn about many great Native American leaders.. Check it out. He also has an impressive list of links.
More to come as I read them or
find out about them

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