The Hunkpapa Treaty Council is one of the seven great council fires of the
Black Hills Treaty Council.  The Treaty Council is located on the Standing
Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in North and South Dakota.  We are the only
group of individuals authorized to make treaties with the United States
    We have a saying among our people:  "A true warrior suffers for his
people, so that the children and elderly do not have to suffer."  The Treaty
Council now is suffering from age, and declining health yet we still continue
to stand up for the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota people.  We stand on the
written word of the Treaties of 1851 and 1868.
    The Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation was established by federal law
on March 2, 1889.  Subsequently, a federal bureaucracy was established under
the Department of the Interior resulting in paternalism and uninterrupted
colonialism.  The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal government is based on this
system.  The 3.5 million acres of Standing Rock consists of eight districts
and overlaps North and South Dakota along the south central and north central
state lines.  We have 12,000 enrolled members with an unemployment rate of
80%.  There is also an acute housing shortage.  The houses that exist are of
HUD standards and are very poorly constructed and poorly maintained.  The
rates of alcoholism and diabetes are among the highest in the world.  The
social dysfunction that accompanies alcoholism erupts in domestic violence,
sexual abuse, juvenile delinquency, elder abuse, etc..  our people are
suffering physically and spiritually and cannot rise above those basic
survival levels as defined in Maslowe's hierarchy of need.  Nonetheless, the
Lakota, and Dakota people still have their hope and trust in people and they
believe that a change in Tribal leadership in the form of Tribal elections
will mean a change in the current state of affairs.
    The Hunkpapa Treaty Council of Elders is working is all of these areas to
help the people of Standing Rock, we have recently had several murders of
young enrolled members in reservation border towns.  One victim was severely
handicapped, the Treaty Council of Elders did what they could to help, but,
were stymied by the lack of funds that we possess.  We need America's help
desperately, we are not getting the help from our own Tribal government or
our federal government.  The Treaty Council of Elders works very closely with
the University of North Dakota and if you need a tax deduction for your
donation to us, we can furnish that through the University.  Your donations
are most appreciated and they can be sent to the following address:    Robert
Primeaux, Official Elder.

Personal Note from Robert Primeaux ("The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is already uncovering bodies near Yankton
Sioux Indian Reservation in southeast South Dakota.  We have a court order to
stop development, but only for a short time.   We also need legal help for
our efforts.") Please look in your hearts and see if you can help this worthy cause. Many Thanks from Jan and I know
Robert will also add his personal thanks to all who help out. Pilamaya, Wakan Tanka Nici Un...
Send all donations or/or questions to:

                                         Hunkpapa Treaty Council
                                 C/O  Mary Poitra
                                 Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation
                                 PO  Box 113
                                 Fort Yates, North Dakota   58538