Paha Ska

You sit there quietly
Painting visions on skin;
As I watch you work
Your hands so gnarled
Twisted with arthritis
Yet such beauty
Comes forth from them

I watch as you
Look in the distance
Seeing things I cannot
Your eyes distant
As you seem to dwell in
A different time and place

You give yourself
A small hardly noticeable
Shake of the head
Then putting hand to pen once more
Transforming this canvas of rabbit skin
Into a thing of pure spirit and beauty
Your hand moving with such grace

You sign your name then turn to me
A smile broke out on your face
You called me Kola... and then
You held out your hand to me
In friendship and trust and
Into your circle you brought me

An Elder you are,with wisdom and knowledge
You bring to my life much joy
For that brief moment when we met
And touched hands in friendship's handshake
I saw acceptance in your face of what I am
Those things I have been striving for
It was at that very moment
I knew that it all was true

My search is still just begun
But in my heart you have come
You shook my hand with solemn grace
I think of you as I look upon
This picture upon fur you drew
You signed it -- and also my Heart

To My KOLA!!! Because you knew....