Indian people
get out of the way
there is no room
now for you to pray

We are threatened
by your sacred ways
so Indian people
why do you still pray

Indian People
your God is not good
pray at our altars
not where you once stood

Your god has denied you
Indian people once proud
prayer should be silent
not said out loud

Indian Elder looking
at mountain once sacred
still knowing in his heart
that he is not forsaken

A voice deep inside
speaks of Mother Earth and Father Sky
his spirits have not left him
his soul shall never die

Indian Elders knowing
that once more it shall be
their once sacred places
to pray there again... free

Poem and art by Jan Tallevast

Link to:
Roam Free Poem and Lakota Tribute

Image and art are Copyrighted "Jan Tallevast '97". Please feel free to email me for permission to use either poem or art for personal useage. No commercial usage permission will be granted.