Roam Free

My sisters and brothers
Life was so good
Those days long ago
The days we roamed free
The wide open spaces
Of our vast prairies.

Our tipis reached upward
Under blue skies so clear
No smog, no highrises.
To mar our view.
The spaces wide open
For all our people to see.

Our braves ranged
Far and wide
Hunting for our wants and needs
We were never fenced in
Reservation was a word
We never knew.

Our people stood tall
And were proud and free
Never at another's mercy
To provide for our wants
Or for our needs

That was the life my
Brothers and sisters
That which was
Is now long gone
Only a far off memory

It is not here nor is it now
It is only an echo of the past
Which dwells deeply rooted
Within our hearts, souls and minds.

Let that much at least
Always forever remain free.....

Poem and photoart are copyrighted Jan Tallevast 1997. Please feel free to email me from my main page for permission to use either. No commercial permission will be granted. Thank you.

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