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I've just added a section of homebrewed comics that I've made about gaming. There's only one up so far, but it's a start!!

16 May 2000
Inspired by my buddy Jeff, I am now actively trying to get my page working I think most of it is here! Enjoy!

For those that don't know of the world of Rifts®, Click here.
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Campaign Resources
Things players in my campaigns may use. These are mostly reposts of material I have found on the 'net and have posted here so that players in my campaigns will know they can use them.
New Material
Things I have created for Palladium's system. Mostly for Rifts®.
My Humor Page
Funny stuff that I have found, and feel like sharing.
Homebrewed Comicse
Stuff I've drawn and scanned, and am wasting my ample Geocities space to share with you.
The Palladium Mailing List
This is the information page for anyone on the List, or anyone trying to get on.
Rifts Campaign
Information from the game that I'm currently running.
Standard Obligitory Links Page
**Sigh** Well, it had to happen.
My Friends' Links Page
Unlike the one above, this page has links that are not necessarily of the best resources out there, but are people I know, or pages that I just happen to like. Check 'em out, anyway.

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