The Squire of the Gothos - A Few Questions and Answers

Okay, I've received an email that has me stumped, and I don't have time to do the necessary research. I'm not asking anyone to do the research for me, but if anyone knows the answers off the top of their head, I'd like to solicite them. Those who answer any or all of these questions before Friday (02/04/05) will have their names displayed (if you request it) on a special webpage on this site (THIS is that webpage). The questions concern The Squire of the Gothos (I've seen TSOTG maybe once - wasn't my favorite):

Q- 1. Trelane intercepts the Enterprise and crew on their mission to deliver what to Beta 6?
A- 1. Supplies. - Ron Murgo

Q- 2. What odd text message does Trelane broadcast to the Enterprise from the “planet” he later calls Gothos?
A- 2. "Greetings and Felicitations. Hip Hip Hoorah, Tally Ho!" - Ron Murgo, Anonymous

Q- 3. With what three items does Spock order the landing part to be equipped?
A- 3. Full Communications, Armament, Life-Support Gear. -Ron Murgo

Q- 4. In what peculiar state does the landing party discover Kirk and Sulu have been held for four hours?
A- 4. Suspended Animation (wax like figures). -Ron Murgo, Anonymous

Q- 5. What musical instrument does Trelane play periodically throughout the episode?
A- 5. Harpsichord. - Ron Murgo, Anonymous

Q- 6. Trelane exclaims that he’s delighted to have visitors from the planet that he’s made what?
A- 6. His hobby. - Ron Murgo

Q- 7. By what title did Trelane “rather fancy” he be addressed?
A- 7. "...although you may address me as Squire Trelane...yes, I rather fancy that!" - Ron Murgo, Anonymous

Q- 8. According to Trelane, Humans are one of the few predator species that preys on what?
A- 8. Itself. - Ron Murgo, Anonymous

Q- 9. Although Trelane outwardly dislikes Mr. Spock, what does he claim is the Vulcan’s one saving grace?
A- 9. "Oh, Mr. Spock, you DO have one saving grace - you're ill mannered!" - Ron Murgo, Anonymous

Q-10. What alien seen in a prior episode also makes an appearance as one of Trelane’s “Trophies”?
A-10. The Salt Creature from planet M113 (The Mantrap). - Ron Murgo, Anonymous

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