Curtis Fox

Thank you for visiting my Star Trek site. I created this page for people wanting to know more about me. I've been a Trekkie for many years, but not as many as some. I was three years old when it first aired, and, unfortunately, it was cancelled by the time I turned six. I guess this makes me a re-run fan. I do remember seeing the original run of Star Trek cartoons, though. Here's some information about me. Here's a detailed Bio. Here's a listing and description of some of the Interesting Places I've been to. Here's my Resume, though I'm not looking for a job. I like the one I have. If I ever get around to it, I plan on making some Top Ten Lists pertaining to Star Trek. You can find out more about my Most Favorite Person in the whole universe. If you want, you can listen to my Most Favorite Christian Singer. Thanks again for dropping by. I hope you have a great day.

Age/Location/Job 40 years old / United States - Arkansas / Electronics Technician (FAA)
Interests Traveling-WWW-Computers-Electronics-Reading-Piano
Favorite_Places Tampa-Nashville-Phoenix-Washington D.C.-Madrid-London-Paris-Venice
Favorite_Shows StarTrek-Columbo-PerryMason-Matlock-Gilligan'sIsland-MissionImpossible
Favorite_SciFi StarTrek-MST3K-TwilightZone-LostInSpace-BuckRogers-Space1999
Favorite_Cartoons Bugs Bunny-Daffy Duck-Foghorn Leghorn-Wyle E. Coyote-Yosemite Sam
Favorite_Music Christian-Classical-Country-Easy Listening-Some Classic Rock-Big Band-50's
Favorite_People Jesus Christ-Parents-Brother-Grandparents-Relatives-Friends
Favorite_Entrees Steak-Shrimp-Lasagna-Spaghetti-Fettuchini Alfredo-Chili-Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite_Desserts German Chocolate Cake-Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk-Coconut Cream Pie
Favorite_Deserts Gobi-Mohave-Sahara :)


Thanks for the suggestions, JS and JS.