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Last updated on June 20, 2005

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Occasionally I get email from people who want to sell some of their Star Trek stuff. I would buy all these items myself, but alas, my money supply is not unlimited. This purpose of this page is to give you as collectors an opportunity to respond to people who may contact you concerning item(s) they want to unload, er ... sell. This will never be a buy/sell site. My work here is for hobby reasons only. Therefore, I will not be posting a seller email page. If you are a collector and want your name and email address posted, submit it above. If you want your information removed, type "remove" in the "Collector Name" box and the email address you want removed. I will verify your add/removal request by sending you an email. If you do not respond, no action will be taken.
Please do not use an email address you do not want spammed. It has been my experience that any email address on any web page will be spammed. Spammers have many unscrupulous ways of obtaining email addresses, and web page scanning is one of the easiest. Probably the best thing to do is create a new email address from a free webmail server such as yahoo, myway, hotmail, etc., and use that.
I take no responsibility for your buy/sell experience. All the risk is on you. I am only posting names and email addresses. I make no guarantees of when I will add or remove your email address. Assume that if you request the addition or removal of your email address that it will take a long time, if ever, for that to happen. After all, this is my hobby only and I have a life to tend as well.
P.S.: Some of you have requested your email be added but did not respond to my verification email. As I said above, no action will be taken till you do. This is for your protection. If it has been a very long time since you requested addition to the list, it is likely my verification email bounced. Feel free to resubmit.

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