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Since the early 70's, no rock band has impacted me like Yes. Back then I was full of mad cravings for 'bass, more bass!' One day I was extoling to a buddy the incredible bassiness of Harry Nilsson's Jump Into The Fire. He said, "If you're into bass, man, check out that new stuff by Yes." Yes?, I thought to myself, Isn't that some rag-tag, British, Who-wannabee band? Sure, I was familiar with Roundabout, and not terribly impressed (a perspective that was soon to change...). Back then I belonged to the best mail-order record club of all time (anyone remember Record Club of America?), so I ordered me Close to the Edge, and oh my... Bass, bass, bass, and... what's all this incredible keyboard work?, vocals?, percussion? guitar?, lyric? Dumbfounded then, and still reeling from it all.

It's always a pleasure meeting up with a fellow Yes fan, exchanging insights and enthusiams. But in all Yesdom, I find most enjoyable the distinct privilege of introducing folks to the wonders of Yes music, watching others explore layer after layer of the incredible treasure Yes music is. In that spirit, I hope this site will help you discover the unfathomably rich legacy of this, the finest of progressive rock bands.
The Evolution of Yes: A Discography by Membership