W h a t 's  g o i n g  o n ?

The world seems normal enough to your ordinary layperson. You're born. You spend a lot of your life being educated (pronounced "Brainwashed"). Settle down with a cosy little job, no longer a threat to the rigid rule of the system. And finally die. There are people, however, who manage to see through this deception and combat it. People who would rather be individual instead of following the rules which the powers-that-be would like them to. Rebellious schoolchildren, bored housewives or indeed anybody who breaks free from the oppresive force that is life in the system. These are The Invisibles. An everlasting Anarchist force who have been fighting the "Archons" or "Lost ones" and any other type of hell-bent mega-lo-maniacal flesh sucking insectoid scum you could only care to imagine since the dawn of time. The battle rages from your own city or town right into the furthest reaches of several realites and back. Although now the timeless battle is coming to an end. Our spacetime is done for. On the day of December 22nd 2012 all
this will come into play. The stage is set, on one side we have The Invisibles, who stand for peace, justice and debauchery. On the other, Archons, who stand for control, opression and really, really nasty stuff that you just won't dig. Lights, camera, action, and cue the cultural Voodoo incantations.

W h a t  i s  t h e  r e v o l u t i o n ?

Nobody except Grant Morrison himself (and countless friends and relatives no doubt) knows for sure just what the Revolution is or who the Invisibles really are. For the full answer we now only have to wait a year for the very last issue. However Grant has being hinting like crazy on the answer the most descriptive account is in issue 25 "six and a half dozen of the other". Mr Quimper (an evil little bastard who plays a part of some importance on the Archon's side) says:

"Nine thousand years ago the entire universe was created by Ohrmazd,"the wise lord". Three thousand years later, "the destructive spirit," also known as Ahriman, entered the creation to inflict suffering and death on its inhabitants. But when Ahriman and his dark forces tried to leave the universe after doing their dirty work, they realized they'd been tricked; the whole creation was nothing but a cage, designed by Ohrmazd to trap the forces of evil where he could destroy them.
That's when the battle started.
Ohrmazd, creating the first trap, created the concept of restriction. The forces of Ahriman struggle for liberation. Which side are you on?"

Does this tell us that the Invisibles are actually the forces of Ahriman fighting for their liberation? Or are they the forces of creation struggling against Ahriman? I'd ask for answers on a postcard, but I'm guessing that the
theories messageboard would be a better bet..

H o w  d o  I  b e c o m e  I n v i s i b l e?

Well it helps if you've got a magical/psychic power on your person, if not, don't fret! The chances are that you already are Invisible. You could...

a) Be one, but alas live in blissful ignorance of your importance and true social status.

b) Be one and know it, yet be reading this to fool us into thinking you aren't one at all (Don't worry, I won't tell).

Or c) Really be a true virgin of the ways of them anarchists.

If any of these apply to you then read on, a fantastic world of death, destruction and debauchery await!

Follow these simple rules and you can't go far wrong: Firstly make up a codename for yourself. Try something grim, mysterious or obscurely referential. After producing a sutible name for yourself you have two options, sit in relative obscurity and radiate rebelious vibes in the hope that a scruffy-necked cell leader will recruit you on his way back from burning down the local convent. Or form your own little cell .............

W h a t  A r e  I n v i s i b l e s  C e l l s ?

(One silky smooth link later....)Each Invisibles cell is based upon elemental symbolism. Having five members to each cell, means that each member of any particular cell must assume an elemental symbol that has it's own properties and character traits. For instance, let's take the cell that the comic is based on.

To begin with, King Mob was air. Air is the role of the leader of cells, whoever posseses that element is therfore the current leader. Boy was earth, a rather mundane role, concerning finance and equipment etc. Jack Frost had been spirit which works to raise the morale of the team, but is unpredictable and exists to "galvanise and revitalise the elements around it". Ragged Robin and Lord Fanny were fire and water respectivley but as far as I can tell these elements are unknown to us as far as their properties are concerned. Every so often Invisibles feel the need to mix around their roles. For King Mob's cell this meant that Ragged Robin assumes air. King Mob takes earth. Jack Frost becomes water. Lord Fanny and Boy are left with fire and spirit. It is unkown which of these two has what, but the Hand of Glory fiasco would seem to suggest that Boy drew the spirit role. And now, they've done it again.

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