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Volume 1




The opening issue of the series begins with Dane McGowan in an act of rebellion. Forced on by infinite nights of boredom he blows up the library with a molotov cocktail, and when he is caught by his history teacher the next night while trying the same on the whole school he is sentenced to a spell in a "comfortable residential centre in the country". Harmony House."Correctional facility" for unruly youngsters. More important than he seems or even knows himself, Dane is wanted by the evil enemy and the mysterious invisibles as a recruit for their respective sides, and it seems that neither force can afford to lose this kid. When Dane discovers that there is a more sinister underlying plot beneath the goings on in the house he is rescued from the Enemies clutches by King Mob of the invisibles and promptly dumped on the street for preperation.

This three part series tracking Dane's life on the street up until the point where he finally joins King Mob's Invisibles cell kicks of as we see how Dane has been keeping since the mysterious disapperence of King Mob at the end of issue 1. Not a wise thing for the invisibles to do when so much is at stake with this boy you may think, but, looking closley you can spot all of the members of KM's cell keeping a close eye on him. Homless and pennyless Dane takes to the streets where he becomes the friend of Mad Tom O'Bedlam, Crazy old man and invisible extrordinare. Diverting a policeman from the chase after another of Dane's destructive moments he earns the trust of Dane and the two set off aross the streets to discover the homless hunters and the other "secret" London.


Back in "our" reality, Tom continues to teach a seemingly ignorant Dane of the secrets to invisibledom. Swapping minds with a pigeon, Dane sees through the eyes of an Invisible animal as it flies through the skies and looks at some peculiar sights which will no doubt become familiar at some point later in the invisibles run. We also catch a passing glimpse of a young Tom O'Bedlam and Lady Edith Manning although we don't really realise this until issue #9 of volume 2 (or at least I didn't). And finally Dane is pryed from his confining spiritual armour and set free into the world as he learns to truly "live".


Concluding the three-parter, Dane's new-found zest for life means that he must now go to face death by jumping from the pyramid peak of Canary Wharf with Tom. Tom intends to end his invisible life in this way, but for Dane there are other things planned. When speeding towards the ground at high speed, Dane suddenly shifts into the invisible universe where it is later known that he meets the barbelith and sees the Invisible College.Then when once again placed back to our reality he uses an address Tom gave him which leads to a small abandoned room where he finally gets to join King Mob and his cell under the name of Jack Frost.

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