Okay, I won't go on about me for to long as I vowed once never to do a page just about myself as I'm sure nobody could really care what my interests etc. are. But, on this page I'll tell you a wee bit about myself and give you links to all my favorite sites. I live in Scotland, home country of Grant himself, but not only that, I have also lived in his hometown of Glasgow all my life too. Coincidence or not? Of course it is. However for those of you who think that that makes my life more interesting than yours anyway (God help you), here is some stuff that I like.

I know it's not much but it's all that instantly springs to mind.


Well, Chemikal Underground is as good a place as any to start. A Glasgow based record label run by a Glasgow based band called The Delgados. Chemikal Underground has bands you won't have heard of before but who I love signed to it. Right now, their signings include: The Delgados, Arab Strap, Mogwai, Magoo and Cha Cha Cohen. For more information on these bands, how to get your hands on them outside the UK visit their webpage at the above link.

The Pastels are a band I hold very dear to my heart who are also based here in Glasgow. Regarded as "scene shapers" by most of the bands from round about here, they continue to keep fresh and interesting after all these years (started round about '82). They're the friendliest people I've ever met and Grant is a bit of a fan too, mentioning them in Invisibles volume 1. The Pastels are signed to Domino home label of American band Pavement who should also be checked out.

Belle and Sebastian are yet another band that I absolutley love. Yet again, Glasgow based, they are one of the most sweetest, bestest bands I have ever had the fortune to come across. "Tigermilk" their first album and first release is *impossible* to get your hands on now, last I heard it was going for about £90 in London (Although a re-release is planned). If you can catch anything else by them then you should have a look.


A whole handful of Invisibles related sites here, and, in the spirit of goodwill and that, here they all are.

Well, kinda. Since I don't want to swamp the page with a whole host of links to every other invisibles site out there, I've provided a link to The Invisibles Links List which is packed full of all the invisibles related sites out there. Many of these sites are fantastic and you should check out all of them at least once, hopefully more than that (Must be those typically British good manners getting the better of me).

Scripta Mira is an excellent Grant Morrison site run by Steffi Jane and Kady Mae (who also run "The Word According to Garth" and "The League of the Green Lizard" respectively. They are very much into biographical sites it would seem, good thing too as the site is Top Notch! Unfortunatley I couldn't find this site of late so the link's dead just now.

The League of the Green Lizard is Kady Mae's own webpage on Peter Milligan. This page has a transcribed review with Peter and amongst other things, runs cool Milligan related competitions from time to time. Kady Mae is dead friendly and always up for a chat (Sorry about the lack of correspondance K.).

The Word according to Garth is another brilliant Biographical site, this time concerning Garth Ennis. It contains plenty of info and very sensible design. I've also been unable to locate a working link to this site so I haven't seen it recently. However it's dead good, right!

Metahemeralism is a very good site. Divided into sections, it deals with a whole host of influential comic writers from Grant Morrison to the Hernandez Brothers. There are thoosands and thoosands of links on this site too, and I strongly urge you to give it a go.


When I can think of anything else to put up here, then I will. But that's all for just now.